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Tax identification number (NIE)

Fiscal number application (NIE)
When buying property you will need to obtain a Spanish fiscal identity number (NIE). Your Gestor (Administrative Agent) will obtain this for you if you sign the forms and provide him/her with your passport or an authenticated copy.

In Mallorca it takes about four weeks from the application date till it is ready for collection.

The Property Registrar

Among the Property Registrar’s functions is to manifest the contents of the Registry, through which we can learn the legal situation of the property, including the identity of its owner or owners, the limitations that affect its capacity and description, the charges and encumbrances that affect it, the system of horizontal property in which it may be included, etc.

For this purpose, the buyer can request a simple note or a certificate of ownership and encumbrances, as well as ask for reports, whether binding or not, or merely make a verbal consultation with the Registry.

The simple informative note

This is the most common, cheapest and quickest way to know the contents of the Registry, through the professional treatment by the Registrar of the existing data. The buyer will have information regarding the description of the property, its location, area, share of common property in the building, mortgages that may encumber it along with its duration and the amounts, interests and legal charges, embargoes and other liabilities of the property, tax charges, and in general the information needed for the purchase transaction.

The Notary

The Notary Public in Spain is a public official who will be required to witness the deed of sale. The Notary’s main function is to lend authenticity and force of proof to the declarations of intent of the parties in the public document drafted in accordance to law.

As an independent professional, the Notary advises both parties, notifies them of the legislation applicable to the transaction they are going to close, and draws up the contract in accordance with the wishes of both parties, and is thus a basic pillar of private legal security. Furthermore a notarized deed is the ordinary means for the purchase contract to enter the Property Registry.

The choice of Notary corresponds, in principle, to the party that is to pay his fees, and if the seller is a professional or if the contract is signed under the general contract terms, the choice belongs to the purchaser.

Before the signing of the sale, the Notary must ask the Property Registrar to issue a simple note accrediting the legal registration of the property involved, which provides the buyer with true information of such situation on the same day of the purchase, thus avoiding potential unpleasant surprises at the last minute.

The Licensed Administrative Agent (Gestor)

The Licensed Administrative Agent is an independent professional who facilitates the processing of official papers after the signing of the deed of sale, such as presenting it to the settlement office and filing the tax forms, processing of legal documents at the Town Hall, as well as presenting and following upon the document at the Property Registry.

A Gestor or Administrative Agent will help you to make sure that the property is recorded in the Property Register under the name of the seller and that is encumbrance free. Once the property has been purchased, he should register it in your name. The Administrative Agent can sign the contract at the Notary Office for you with a Power of Attorney.

The administrative Agent will also advise you on Property searches prior to purchase, Advice about the taxes and expenses payable on all property transactions, full reports, in various languages, of all the documents appertaining the property to be purchased and assistance with the negotiations with the vendor.

Certificate of habitability

This certificate is issued by the town-planning authority and it is an administrative document to confirm the suitability of the house/apartment for its intended purpose.

Bank accounts

If you are thinking of moving to Mallorca or buying a second home in the sun you need to open a personal account in Mallorca . You can make your choice between Spanish banks with English speaking staff or British banks operating in Spain.

You can open the account personally at one of the branches when you are in Mallorca or you can also open your account from your own country. We will be pleased to advise you on this matter.

Contracts with water, electricity and telephone suppliers

We can help with the signing of service contracts. The contracts for water companies, electricity suppliers, Butano Gas and the telephone companies have all been scrutinised by the Spanish consumer organisations and approved by the government.

Foreign exchange

Use a specialist currency broker.

By using a broker, you will be able to take advantage of excellent foreign exchange rates, made possible because they work to more competitive margins than others and unlike dealing with many bank branches, you will be able to speak directly with their brokers, giving you access to the latest exchange rates.


If you are buying an apartment in a building, the Community of owners will have an insurance covering the risks of the whole building for fire, flood, etc.

However you may wish to insure the contents (furniture and valuables).

We can suggest reliable insurance companies.

If you have your insurance with some Banks they offer you a free of charge third party liability insurance policy of 300.000 Euros, which insures you against any claims made as a home owner in Spain and for your actions in the course of your normal activities while you are in Spain.

Accident and personal injuries

In case of accidents or personal injuries we suggest you contact LEGAL SUPPORT LIMITED in UK

Phone: 01695 729999
Fax: 01695 558559

Medical facilities in Mallorca

If you’re buying a property in Mallorca either as a holiday home or for permanent living, one of your main concerns is likely to be the standard of health care in the area, especially if you’re a pensioner. Standards and facilities vary depending on where you buy but generally speaking Mallorca has excellent medical care.

In the northern part of Mallorca you have excellent medical facilities with two modern and well equipped hospitals. HOSPITAL D’ALCUDIA in the old town and HOSPITAL DE MURO by the Playa de Muro beach, as well as several medical centres and CLINICA FEMENIA in Palma.

  • Hospital d’Alcudia: Calle Formentera, 5 – Alcudia. Phone: 971 547 373
  • SALUS Medical Centre: 24 hours medical service. Doctor free phone: 900 181 340
  • Clinica Femenia: Calle Camilo J. Cela, 20 – Palma. Phone: 971 452 323

If you visit Mallorca for no longer than three months you should bring Form E111 from the UK (obtained from the Post Office) which entitles you to free reciprocal emergency treatment in health clinics and hospitals. If you intend to live in Mallorca permanently you’ll need to apply for a resident’s permit.

If you or any of your dependantsare suddenly taken ill or have an accident during a visit to Mallorca, free or reduced-cost emergency treatment is available in most cases on production of a valid Form E111. Only state-provided emergency treatment is covered, and you will receive treatment on the same terms as Spanish nationals. Private treatment is generally not covered, and state-provided treatment may not cover all of the things that you would expect to receive free of charge from the NHS.

Form E111 covers you, your spouse and your dependant children up to theage of 16, or 19 if they are still in full time education. It will also cover an unmarriedpartner if you have children together. When your children pass these ages they can get an E111 in their own right.

Dental treatment is not generally provided under the state system. The costs will not be reimbursed.

Non-Emergency Treatment in Spain: Form E112

Form E111 will not cover you for free or reduced-cost treatment if you are going to Spain specifically for medical care, or if you require ongoing treatment for a pre-existing condition. For this, you will need Form E112 which is not issued automatically but requires authorisation from the Department of Health. Unless you have anE112, you will have to pay for the treatment you receive and you will not be able to obtain a refund of the costs.

For pre-existing conditions that will require treatment during your time abroad – eg, blood tests, medicationor injections, etc. apply by letter enclosing details, including dates of treatment, supporting medical evidence from your GP and a copy of your E111 to the following address:

Department of Health (International Branch)

Room 542A / Richmond House / 79 Whitehall / London. SW1A 2NS
Telephone: 020 7210 4850

Form E112 is only available where a clear need for on-going treatment is established. The form is not available on a “just in case” basis.

If you need maternity care write to the above address explaining why you want care outside the UK and enclose a copy of your E111 and evidence from your GP or midwife of your expected date of confinement.

Accident and personal injuries

In case of accidents or personal injuries we suggest you contact LEGAL SUPPORT LIMITED in UK

Phone: 01695 729999
Fax: 01695 558559

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