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We can help you organize your legal affairs and recommend you experienced lawyers, professional assessors, administrators, property surveyors and tax advisors.

In the following, we’ll explain the most common issues you will probably have to deal with when buying a property in Mallorca, or anywhere in Spain. It may seem overwhelming to you at first, but don’t worry, we’ll be there to assist you and guide you through the process from start to finish.

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Legal advice on community of owners

If you are considering buying a property in Majorca within a community block or development you need to be aware of some points.
When you buy a house or apartment in Spain you often buy some common elements in the apartment block or the urbanisation where your property is situated. You … Read more »


Contracts with water, electricity and telephone suppliers

We can help with the signing of service contracts. The contracts for water companies, electricity suppliers, Butano Gas and the telephone companies have all been scrutinised by the Spanish consumer organisations and approved by the government.


Will & testament

When you own property in Spain, we suggest you draw up a Will to protect your interest and save money on taxes when something happens to any of the owners. We will help you with the preparation of a Will that we can draft in English. We can also arrange for the required execution of the Will in front of a Notary Public in Spain. You will be informed of the Spanish Inheritance tax and its implications.


Power of attorney

If you are unable to fly out to Mallorca to sign the Deeds at the Notary Office or for any other legal procedure, your Gestor (administrative Agent) or solicitor will do it on your behalf if you provide him/her with a Power of Attorney. This document is issued upon your request by a Notary Public in your own country or by the nearest Spanish Consulate.


Translation of documents

When you purchase property in Spain the documents involved will be in Spanish. Your Estate Agent, Solicitor or Gestor will most of the times speak English and be very happy to translate them for you verbally enabling you to understand what you are signing. However you may wish to have … Read more »


Property research

Surveyance, Legal situation of the property
Before you sign any document or make any payment, do not hesitate to ask the vendor, whether the owner of the property, the builder, the developer or the selling agent, for a copy of the following documents:

Title of ownership
A certificate from the Property Registry
Receipt of … Read more »


Payment of taxes

Property Sales Tax
The amount the purchaser pays will vary depending on the type of property and the nature of the vendor.
If you are buying a second hand property you pay 8% property transfer tax.
If the vendor is not a property developer, the purchaser will pay 8% in property transfer tax.
Property … Read more »


Consulting on financing your purchase

Spanish mortgages
Mortgage loans are available from national and international banks with offices in Majorca. We will be pleased to advise and assist you in getting the best mortgages available and submit information about interest rates and bank charges. You can raise finance to assist with payment of the property by … Read more »


Tax identification number (NIE)

Fiscal number application (NIE)
When buying property you will need to obtain a Spanish fiscal identity number (NIE). Your Gestor (Administrative Agent) will obtain this for you if you sign the forms and provide him/her with your passport or an authenticated copy.
In Mallorca it takes about four weeks from the application date till it is ready for collection.



Maximum amount of the Mortgage loans are 70% of the appraised value of the property to be paid back in a maximum period of 25 years.
You can normally make any partial repayments reducing the term or the amount of the monthly instalments of the mortgage without penalties or extra costs.
A … Read more »


Purchase or sales contract

Buying a Spanish property
In Spain the purchase of property is a regulated process. To ensure that the Spanish property you wish to buy is free of debts and restrictive clauses, it is essential to contact a reliable Solicitor or Gestor who will thoroughly research the Spanish property you intend to … Read more »


Other usefull information

The Property Registrar
Among the Property Registrar’s functions is to manifest the contents of the Registry, through which we can learn the legal situation of the property, including the identity of its owner or owners, the limitations that affect its capacity and description, the charges and encumbrances that affect it, the … Read more »

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